Calgary food specials are the most well-liked dishes and beverages found in the city. These are recipes not only loved by the residents of Calgary, but tourists as well. Here is a list of these cuisines, both old and new:

Peanut Butter


One of the Calgary food specials is the peanut butter brownie. An artisan bakeshop sells this sweet pastry. It is a combination of rich chocolate, cherry coconut, salted caramel and the main ingredient, peanut butter. If this decadent brownie makes

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Cowboy Sausages


Calgary also offers Cowboy sausages, sold exclusively at a specialty butcher shop. The residents love this type of sausage because it is packed with flavor and juice. Cowboy sausages are made with first-class pork meat and bacon. If you are

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Lemon Tart


A certain bakery is renowned for its lemon tart recipe. If you are ever in Calgary and you are in search of the best lemon tart, residents will most likely point you to go this particular patisserie. The lemon tart

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